Tableau Integration with Platform

Tableau Integration with Platform

Self-service is key part of tableau integration so business user can create tableau reports and show on platform.

Self-service Architecture for Tableau reports - Connect, Create, View and Deploy in few clicks on web application.

       Technology use

  • Tableau server
  • Tableau Web API – To create Tableau website
  • Database server ( Microsoft SQL server )


Purpose – Create Tableau website & Database for any specific User or Customer so they can create Tableau reports from Data island (Database Newly created).


Process – Created architecture in which in single click in web application it will create Tableau website and new database in Database server call Data Island.

Now if any self-service user can connect to this database and create reports from this database schema from Tableau Desktop so they can create any type of reports from this database and publish on Tableau website.


Benefits – For Any customer we need to create different data islands means independent data base in which user can connect and create reports and publish on tableau website which is also only for that specific user.


For Example – Idyllic Tech is customer for which we need to do that

On single click in web application


  • Data base created – Idyllic Tech
  • Database User created – Idyllic Tech
  • Tableau website Created – Idyllic Tech
  • Tableau User created – Idyllic Tech


So after completion of process email sent to concern person with new database and Tableau website created with their username and password.


So it’s for privacy if we had 100+ customers then we can create different data islands from which customers can connect and see there independent data and use that data in for reporting purpose.