Many businesses start out by using Microsoft Access databases or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. While these programs are sufficient for basic data storage, they do not scale well when the business grows. A custom database can offer far greater flexibility and be designed to meet your organizational needs.

Business data is the driving force behind key executive decisions. Therefore it's key that data is stored in a high quality and easily accessible format.

The information databases contain often becomes more valuable than the media on which they are stored on. Therefore it is essential that the information is stored efficiently and securely.

Benefits of having a Custom Database

Multiple users can retrieve and update the data at the same time allowing for better concurrency.

Data quality is much greater when using custom designed databases. Integrity checks built into the system ensure that data is always entered in a consistent format.

Custom databases can be seamlessly linked to reporting engines. Reports that provide valuable insights and are key to your business decision making can be automated and ready for you when you need them.