Dual Shore Delivery

Idyllic Tech leverages the advantages of using a dual shore delivery model to deliver results to clients at reduced costs. This would be an apt model for small to medium sized projects and ongoing engagements that requires continued offshore-based development/testing support and an onsite team that is self-managed and self-contained.


  • A local team stationed onsite with the client wouldmanage the project’s program management office and handle the client-facing components of the project, such as requirements gathering and user-interface development.
  • The onsite team would control the defined portion of the project that require interaction with the business subject matter experts and software architects onsite.
  • Meanwhile, the team based at Idyllic Tech offshore facilities would take care of the coding, testing, and bug fixing so work could be performed around the clock.
  • Complete reporting on work assigned and completed will be sent to the customer.


  • This model maximizes efficiency in resources and costs. Ideally, 20%-30% of work is done onsite and 70%-80% is sent offshore, depending upon the criticality of the project.
  • Benefits include near 24-hour work cycles; the ability to structure and assemble teams with diverse, multiple skill sets
  • Lower-cost resources – Idyllic Tech can offer blended pricing depending upon the size and longevity of the project engagement.
  • The ability to quickly scale (up or down) depending on the requirements.
  • The dual-shore delivery model is successful as it enables clients to directly interact with Idyllic Tech on a regular basis through the onsite team and simultaneously enjoy the benefits of offshoring.